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Monograms and @katiebowhead arm candy go together like the sand and sea. 🎀⚓️ #proverbslivingfashion #katiebowhead

fresh x blush

fresh ✖ modern

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Official Green-Tea-Smiles Fitness Giveaway:

How to Win:

- Must be following me (I will be checking): click here to do so

- Must not be a pro-self harm blog

- You can reblog up to 50 times in total

- Must have your ask open to I can message you if you win

- Reblogs count but not likes. You can however like to bookmark it.

- A message to me (not give away related) counts as 5 entries. Please be off anonymous so I can tell who gets the entries.

- Click here (it’s a fashion website) for 5 more entries.

What You Win:

  • Nike Free Runs in size 6.5
  • 3 Victoria’s Secret Sports Bras size medium
  • Victoria’s Secret Water Bottle
  • Victoria’s Secret headphones in case
  • Victoria’s Secret Travel Mug
  • Victoria’s Secret Shorts and Shirt in sizes medium
  • Lorna Jane magazine
  • Lorna Jane Gift Card worth $150 AUD

Summed up:

  • 1 reblog = 1 entry and 1 message = 5 entries.
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Ends at 20,000 notes or July 24th

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Attempting to beat the heat in #florence today with my favorite @jcrew factory shorts and delicious green smoothie!
#ootd #wiw #jcrewaddict #preppy #pink #green

pink peonies // gold accents

Follow your heart.